Piper’s Pony Tales is about the fantasy, freedom and adventure of owning a pony. But it’s also about the universal magic every kid possesses— their own imagination! Using the power of roleplay and imagination, Piper will unlock fantastic adventures for herself and her friends and make all their pony wishes come true!

Pipers world is a magical place where horses are their best pals and together they experience all kinds of wonderful and magical adventures- some of these may include fairies, dragons, wizards, and even unicorns-  but no matter where their adventures take them they also are taking on increased responsibility and independence as they learn to care for their horses. We call these “First Freedoms” and they are at the heart of every story.

A “first freedom” is a pinnacle moment that provides an opportunity to learn, make choices, develop independence and ultimately grow. In Pipers world, kids will learn that a First Freedom is learned and earned and that it takes perseverance, grit, patience and kindness too to earn the trust of their horses and of each other. After watching Pipers Pony Tales our goal is to inspire your kids to use their imagination and create  their own pony tales and adventures at home.

Show curriculum developed in close alliance with Child Development Expert

Cheryl Gotthelf is an accomplished curriculum and content developer, child development expert, and qualitative researcher. She helps companies create children's media brands that are engaging, educational, and relevant to children's lives. She is devoted to the creation of the highest quality media experiences for children and families across all platforms and for global audiences.